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Hello, folks! I feel as if it has been aeons since I posted a mani on the same day I did it. But, miracles do happen, and here I am doing just that! It has been warm out (relatively, only about 0°C at the moment), but I’ve really been feeling this frosty, snowflake-y mani.

Sometimes, while photographing a mani, I feel the need to be politically correct, so I took a picture with each polish I used.

The base is a beautiful dark teal crelly with magenta/berry glitter of different sizes, Frozen Heart by Cadillacquer. Unfortunately, the glitter got all but obliterated by the stamping, but it truly is an understated beauty. It only took two coats for opacity, always a plus in my books. On my pinky finger, I am wearing two coats of Zoya pixie dust, Tilly, a purple-leaning grey texture polish with different sized holographic glitters.

I stamped on my pinky finger with Sally Hansen Instadri in Cherry Fast and a UR Sugar plate that I bought off AliExpress. I used the same plate and Born Pretty silver stamping polish to stamp the snowflakes on the remaining fingers. Next, I used a fuschia-coloured sharpie to colour in the snowflakes and went over them with a detail brush dipped in rubbing alcohol to blend. I’m really digging these fuschia snowflakes! I topcoated all nails but the textured pinky, then dabbed on some of the texture polish, Tilly, near the nail bed to look like frost.

This turned out exactly how I envisioned! I’ll never tire (though you very well may!) of saying just how much I adore these sparkly textured pixie dust polishes in winter. This colour, especially, is just perfect for a snowy mani! What are your go-to polishes in winter?

I’ll be back soon with more nail art. Keep warm and don’t be flaky (get it? I had to sign off with an eyeroller!)!

One thought on “Frosty

  1. These are so pretty, groan-worthy pun notwithstanding. 😉 I love pink for cold weather and holiday-type manis, especially darker blues with bright pinks, like this guy. I actually have the windows open right now because it’s too hot in here – bless our INSANE winter weather.

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