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Hello! I am perpetually impressed by babies’ determination and grit. Today, I served Baby ACD spaghetti for lunch and didn’t even bother offering her utensils. I assumed she would go at it with her hands. Not only did she ask for a fork, she refused to use her hands at all, despite the fact that she was having a difficult time feeding herself and that she wanted much, much bigger bites than she was managing. She asked me for help a couple of times (“Mama, hap me”, she’s able to say now!), but I was only allowed to go as far as loading up her fork. I’ve never quite seen a tiny individual at such close quarters for an extended period of time before this – I used to visit my niece back at home, but never lived under the same roof – and time and again, I am inspired by Baby ACD to push just a little harder and to keep at it! Proud mama moment over.

The prompt for the #clairestelle8challenge today is star sign. I’m a Sagittarius (my birthday is coming up real soon!) and I decided to go with a partially brown mani in an effort to push myself outside my comfort zone. [I do not wear brown, almost ever!]

The blue nails are two coats of MDJ Creations Michaelangelo, a pale turquoise blue with gold, bronze and silver flakies and some holographic sparkle. The brown nails are two coats of Taking On Toronto by Tonic Polish, a chocolate brown with gold shimmer, multichrome flakies and holographic sparkle.

I stamped the index and pinkie fingers with an image from Drk Nails XL-B, Moyra Brown stamping polish and Born Pretty blue stamping polish, BP-WT02 (Blueberry Macaron). I used the same blue stamping polish and an image from Moyra Orientalist (20) on the middle finger. The image on the ring finger is reverse-stamped from the same Moyra plate and filled in with a bunch of different polishes.

I fell in love with this blue polish when I saw swatches after it released. Being in Canada, I don’t usually order from brands based in the US simply because shipping can really add up at the end of the day. Imagine my joy when I found this at a destash this year! A couple of years late, but nail polish practically has an indefinite shelf life, right? I’m glad I found it because it is every bit as pretty as I’d hoped.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a magnetic mani. Let me know what you think of this mani and whether you believe people’s personalities are predetermined by their zodiac signs. I’ll be straight with you: I do, and it is the subject of many an argument with Mr ACD!

2 thoughts on “Zodiac

  1. Oh my gosh, “Mama, hap me” is the cutest! Proud mom all you want, that’s pretty stinkin’ adorable. My parents still get all mushy when they talk about the first time they took me to McDonald’s, and I sat there very fixedly, clutching a french fry in each hand, and gummed them half to death while staring at them cross-eyed. Man, the 70s were a weird time.

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