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Cozy Plaid

Hello, folks! The latest prompt for the #clairestelle8challenge on Instagram was “prugly colours” – for those of you not familiar with the term, that means pretty ugly. I guess the word can be interpreted in a number of ways. It could mean neither pretty, nor ugly; or pretty ugly; or, in my opinion, something ugly that somehow looks pretty in an odd way.

My all time favourite prugly polish, and one of my most interesting polishes ever, is Tonic Polish Lizard Dance, so I had to go with that. Lizard Dance is a olive-yellow gold shifting multichrome with vibrant orange shimmer. I have swatched this polish before and posted on this blog. I absolutely love this glowy, odd colour. I love this both glossy and matte, and couldn’t decide which way to go.

For this mani, I am wearing two coats of Lizard Dance. Over that, I stamped the plaid pattern from the only Uber Chic plate I own – Pretty In Plaid. I absolutely love plaid, so when I saw this layering plate, I had to have it! I stamped with Moyra stamping polish in dark blue (5) and grey (23). I was trying to pair some unexpected colours with the base polish and I really, really love how this turned out!

Over the plaid stamping, I went on to stamp some snow flakes and text from the Drk Nails Seasons plate using white stamping polish by Born Pretty. I usually don’t have any trouble picking up images from Drk Nails plates, but these snow flakes were a royal pain in the rear. I had to redo each stamp at least three times! However, I love, love, love how it all came out, so it was worth it!

Which do you think looks nicer, glossy or matte? I love the glow from the glossy finish, but think the matte version looks very cozy yet luxe. Is it snowing where you live? We are seeing white everywhere, but this next week is supposed to be much warmer. Which means we may finally have our roofing completed! I’ll be back soon with yet another mani. Until then, toodles!

Tell me what you think!

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