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Hello! I have a very simple mani to share today. I wore this one all of five days, including to the road test on Tuesday. Didn’t bring any luck, but was super pretty anyway.

The base is two coats of Night Owl Lacquer Marchtember Oneteenth, a white to blue thermal polish with rainbow flakies. I wore this over a coat of Sally Hansen In The Buff, which is very close to my natural nail colour and I often use it as undies. However, I realized I should have gone with white undies because it dulled the warm (white) state of the polish. Also, because I’m the best blogger around, I never got around to taking pictures in the extreme warm or cold states.

Over the base, I stamped a simple image from Moyra stamping plate Lacelove (#15) and Moyra turquoise stamping polish (#22).

I wish I’d gotten pictures in the warm and cold states though – this turned out to be a fun disappearing mani. The stamping polish matched quite perfectly with the blue of the cold state, and the stamping disappeared with the cold. As my hands warmed up and the polish turned white, the stamping would magically appear! It was definitely a fun mani to wear.

So there you have it. I didn’t manage to do this week’s fluid Friday mani. I’ll be back tomorrow with my prugly polish mani for #clairestelle8challenge. Stay warm and cozy until then!