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November Rain

Rain? No, we’re literally too cool for that here in Canada, so it’s snow for us. Inches deep, frosty breath, what-was-I-thinking-walking-out-in-my-boots chilling! But, I don’t usually mind; I love the snow and the cold. Except this week, it has led to a number of major inconveniences. I had my road test earlier this week, and ready as I was, I blame the snow for failing it. It was unfortunately my first experience driving in the snow on the day of the test and I messed up. On top of that, the roofers finally began replacing our roof this week. They stripped the shingles off one half of the roof, despite being reminded that a snowstorm was on the way. They have since replaced two row of shingles and abandoned the project, stripped shingles and all, because of the weather. We are baffled by their judgement to even begin, there is a giant dumpster in our driveway and we have had to park outside on the street all week. Rant over. Breathe. Pretty snow.

The latest prompt for the #clairestelle8challenge was rainy days. I love doing rainy day manis, and had I been having a better week, I’d probably have rambled on and on about that. However, things being as they are, let’s jump right into it:

On all fingers but my pinky, I’m wearing two thick coats of the only Girly Bits polish I own, a Polish Pickup exclusive called Put Your Strap On that I bought at a destash. It is a white crelly base (you know I love those!) with vibrant aqua shimmer, aqua-blue shifting flakies and holographic sparkle. Over that, I first stamped some raindrops from Creative Shop plate-60 (I believe I’m yet to do a rain mani without using this plate!) and Moyra turquoise stamping polish (#22). Over that, I applied some reverse-stamped images from Drk Nails Seasons stamping plate. I used Moyra black stamping polish to stamp with and a bunch of Born Pretty polishes to fill in. The cloud image on my index finger was filled in with Color Club Harp On It, a beautiful silver holo polish. I applied Zoya Pixie Dust Liberty on my pinky finger for some contrast and texture.

Let me know what you think of this mani. I’ll be back on Saturday with the next prompt for this challenge, a mani I absolutely love! Until then, have a good rest of the week and stay toasty!

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