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Lest We Forget

Hello, folks! Four days in a row? That’s a blogging first for me!

I’m back today with a mani for Remembrance Day. It is also the prompt du jour for the #clairestelle8challenge on Instagram.

This is the third, and hopefully last, mani that I had a lot of trouble photographing and later realized that my camera settings had been changed for Halloween pictures of Baby ACD.

On my thumb, index and middle fingers, I have on two coats of Cadillacquer Princess Swan, a muted dusky blue crelly with medium-sized red square glitters as well as a sprinkling of tiny red glitter particles. A fellow Canadian polish-loving friend posted a swatch of this earlier this year and I fell in love, and I was lucky enough to snag this and two other Cadillacquer polishes at a destash a few months ago. I’ll be honest: while the formula was fantastic and self-levelled very easily, I had to fish out the glitters which just refused to stay on the brush. However, this polish is so beautiful, it’s kind of worth it, don’t you think?

On my pinky and ring fingers, I have on two coats of Zoya pixie dust Chyna. If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll be well aware that when there’s snow on the ground, there’s almost always a pixie dust polish on my nails! I’m not generally big on red polish, but Chyna is gorgeous!

I reverse-stamped the poppy images from Creative Shop plate-30. I stamped using Moyra black stamping polish and filled in with A-England Rose Bower, a beautiful raspberry red with holographic sparkle. On the pinky and ring fingers, I stamped an image from the same plate using a mix of blue and grey stamping polish, also by Moyra. On my thumb, I stamped the same image with red stamping polish, also Moyra.

In the macros, you can really see the focusing issue I was having with my camera. I’m kinda bummed about the photos because I really, really loved this mani and wish I could have showcased it better.

And there you have it. Do you have the day off for Remembrance Day? Until the next post, stay warm, toodles!

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