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Rain, a.k.a Fall-ing Fluid

Hello! I finally did a mani for Fluid Friday after almost a month! And boy, have I missed them!

The colour palette for this week’s #fluidfridayfriends was a lovely mix of fall colours:

I tried a new method for making my decals/puddles, following the lovely @bwidix on Instagram. I started by laying down a base of my white DIY spot-it polish, and then adding drops of the other colours over it. I used Cirque Colors Urbanized, Sally Hansen Irish Luck and two franken polishes (grey and rust, which I mixed up many a moon ago). I finished by smooshing down over this puddle with my flat-headed Creative Shop galaxy stamper. A distinct advantage to this method is that you can use both the decal on the mat and on the stamper, and they tend to dry relatively fast since they are thinner. I will confess, I didn’t like how the cells formed on the stamper and ended up not using those bits. But, I did love the parts on the mat, even though I had a lot of white showing.

Since my nails are short, there was plenty of decal to cover all of them and I could pick which parts I wanted. I ended up doing my ring finger differently just for some respite from the busy fluid pattern.

On my ring finger, I applied two coats of a magnetic polish, Masura Emerald Sari, a dark green base with gold holographic shimmer and a bright green magnetic shimmer. I reverse-stamped some moths over it using Creative Shop plate-30 and Born Pretty white stamping polish. I filled in the moths with Tonic Polish Lizard Dance, a perfect complement to the colour palette.

I didn’t realize my camera settings were off from taking pictures of Baby ACD last week, so I ended up with out-of-focus, blurry shots. It was only today, three badly-photographed manis and many frustrations later that I realized what was going on!

I’m generally not big on wearing such autumnal colours, even though I greatly appreciate them in nature. I’ve had my fill of these shades (on me) for a while after several manis in this colour family back to back. I think I will take a break by going back to my comfort zone for the next few.

What are your go-to colours that you are always happy wearing? Hope you have a great weekend, and I’ll be back soon with my next mani for #clairestelle8. Until then, stay warm & toodles!

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