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Falling Leaves

Hello, folks! After all the Halloween madness, I am finally getting around to posting my mani for the #magneticmagicnail collab for October. The theme was autumn leaves, and this is what I came up with:

It did not come through in the pictures at all, but the base polish is a magnetic, Moon Gate by Masura. It is a golden beige polish with holographic sparkle and a yellow gold magnetic shimmer. Over this, I reverse-stamped the leaves from Creative Shop plates 24 and 144. I absolutely love that image of the tree-hand on my ring and pinky fingers (from plate-144) and have used it before.

I filled in the body of the tree with Illyrian Polish Strange, a muted and shifty coral-green polish with a lot of sparkle. I filled in the leaves with a bunch of ILNP’s ultrachrome shifty flakie toppers – Gaia (green-blue), Paradox (a mix of blue-purple and pink-green), Glory (orange-green-gold and incidentally, my very first indie polish ever) and Up Top (iridescent gold-green). I added a thin layer of black over Up Top to help the flakies show up better over the pale base polish.

Besides the failure of the magnetic shimmer to show up, I’m quite pleased with how this turned out. Incidentally, the prompt for the #clairestelle8challenge for today is autumn leaves, so it’s a perfect day to post this mani. Speaking of falling leaves, I’ve quite intrigued by why everyone rakes away the fallen leaves. Is it purely aesthetic or is there an actual gardening rationale for it? I’d think the leaves would be great as mulch/fertilizer for the lawn/backyard. Please leave a comment if you know why it’s done! And until the next post, stay warm (we had flurries this morning!) and try to find a raison d’être in a post-Halloween world!

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