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Hello, folks! It’s Halloween tomorrow and I have not one, but two manis to post tonight. I’ve made no secret of just how much I love Halloween, and we’ve gone the extra mile and actually decorated this year. Baby ACD is going trick or treating for the first time in her short life, dressed as a ferocious little bear, with her friends from daycare. To add to the look, she came home today with her face covered in scratches – apparently a result of a show of affection by one of her buddies! They are all walking over to a retirement residence, parading around and then hanging out with the residents for a couple of hours. How adorable is that!Tonight’s first mani is the grand finale of the #clairestelle8challenge. I somehow managed to do all the prompts, but I won’t lie, it took a lot of effort to get them done on time and I pretty much did no other manis all month. I’m just not in a stage of life where I can devote a lot of time to hobbies, so taking part in a challenge in a timely manner was challenging indeed. However, I enjoyed myself immensely! I added in an extra dimension to the challenge by using only Tonic Polish colours as my base in each mani. I’m happy I did that because I ended up using a lot of colours for the first time and also got a chance to reuse some others.The prompt for this mani was holo-ween. I knew what polish I was going to use as soon as I saw the prompt. [Be warned, this post is super-duper picture-heavy! I just couldn’t help myself!]Once again, I used nail tips, the third consecutive mani to do so, but I don’t think this will be a regular occurrence. The hand poses are just too awkward…The base is one coat of Tonic Polish Caliente over a coat of Sinful Colors Black On Black. Caliente is a peach-yellow-mint green shifting multichrome magnetic pigment in a sparkly holo base. The magnetic pigment is very shifty and changes colour very easily, making it appear almost as a rainbow on the nail. I love that the length of these nail tips allowed both ends of the spectrum to be visible at the same time on each nail. Just look how very shifty this polish is!Over this base, I stamped different images from two Bundle Monster/Maniology plates – BM-S243 for the text and BM-S247 for all the rest. I could not possibly let Halloween pass by without doing a single werewolf-themed mani, now could I?For stamping polish, I used Moyra black and vanilla, and Born Pretty red and maroon. I reverse-stamped the wolf and claw images, filling in with Tonic Polish Sybilline Dreams, Moyra beige stamping polish and Born Pretty white and maroon stamping polish.I am over the moon with how this one turned out! I absolutely love it! I am sporting nubbins at the moment; with the dry season upon us, I decided to trim my nails all the way down and build up strong, well-oiled nails. You’ll be getting a glimpse of said nubbins tomorrow when I post my actual Halloween mani, but I did have so much fun with all this real estate to play around with! I’m going to sign off and go write my second post for the night, but I’ll leave you with some more close-ups that show the amazing shiftiness of the polish. Let me know what you think of this mani, and I’ll see you in a bit for my Halloween double whammy! Toodles!ETA: Here’s a too-long video to show the magnetic effect:

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