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Hello! We’re on a roadtrip at the moment and while Baby ACD is having a much, much better time of it than the last time we did this in July, I’m still feeling exhausted trying to keep her entertained. I’m taking a short break while she colours for a few minutes.

The prompt for the #clairestelle challenge today is vampires. Of all the supernatural beings, vampires tie for first place with werewolves in my book. Unfortunately, while I had high hopes for this one, I messed up the showstopper nail decal and the whole look got ruined. And I didn’t even have time to redo it. Ah, well, c’est la vie.

The base of all nails but the ring finger is two thin coats of Tonic Polish Sapphire. It is a deep, rich sapphire blue with matching shimmer that makes it glow. On the index finger, I applied a decal that I stamped in AEngland Natasha’s Dance from Bundle Monster/Maniology BM-S249 (House of Horrors collection). I filled in the image with Born Pretty white stamping polish and AEngland Rose Bower.

On the middle and pinky fingers, I stamped a Moroccan tile pattern from Bundle Monster/Maniology plate BM-XL159 using a silver holographic polish, Color Club Harp On It. On the middle finger I double stamped the word Nosferatu from BM-S249, first in red and then in white, both Born Pretty stamping polishes. On the pinky finger, I stamped some bats using Moyra black polish and the same plate.

On the ring finger, I started with a thin coat of Harp On It, then applied a decal I made using the same plate as before (BM-S249). I coloured in the image of the vampire’s bite using a bunch of different polishes that I won’t bother listing. All was well until this point and then I decided to give the girl red lips and ended up ruining the whole image!

I really liked this manicure glossy because it showed off the sparkle of the silver holo polish and depth of Sapphire. That said, I also loved it matte. I particularly like how Sapphire looked matte – like velvet, luxurious and perfectly suited to vampirical tastes. The pictures of the matte version came out a little blurry and I was running late so I didn’t manage to retake them.

Wow, this actually got written while Baby ACD coloured! She is now intently painting her fingers a vibrant shade of orange – I take solace in the fact that she is going with the colours of the season. I’ll be back next week, hopefully with no horror stories about the remainder of the trip. Until then, stay spooky and stay warm. And put up some garlic, just in case.

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