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Toddler Town/Zombie Apocalypse

Because sometimes having a toddler means walking around like a zombie, sleepless, incoherent and ready to eat just about anything! Given what we’ve been going through the past two (or has it been three? or nineteen?) months with Baby ACD, the first thought that came to mind when I saw the prompt of zombie apocalypse for the #clairestelle8 challenge was to print out a picture of myself and put it on my nails. Maybe even one of Mr ACD, although he probably catches an enviable 3 hours of sleep a night, so maybe he’s less zombie and more human to qualify. In general, I try to keep the baby-sleep deprivation-FML sob stories to a minimum on this blog – because 1) it’s repetitive, 2) it’s boring, 3) it’s repetitive – but every now and then, a girl’s gotta whine, and now I feel better even without having delved into details.

So here it is, my zombie apocalypse nails.

After my last zombie mani with all the bold colours, I decided to go a more muted route. The base is a smoosh with three polishes by Tonic – Taking On Toronto (dark brown with red shimmer and colour-shifting flakies), Sybilline Dreams (a sparkly sandy-copper holo) and Oops 10/MillionX (a whitened holo with pink shimmer and irridescent flakies). While the colours are all muted and the smoosh is rather grungy, I love the contrast of some red shimmer here, a flakie there, or some holo sparkle there.

The image on my ring finger is reverse-stamped from Creative Shop plate-58. I stamped the text in white and the brain popsicle in black, then filled in the image with a grey and a salmon-coral stamping polish. The rest of the images are all from a Bundle Monster/Maniology plate from the House of Horrors collection, BM-S246. I double-stamped the image on my index finger, first in white then in black. I reverse-stamped the two zombie heads from the same plate, and filled in with a purple taupe and a sandy-beige stamping polish, as well a some red for the blood and gore. The glittering irises are a dot of Taking On Toronto on each eye.

I loved this mani so much! I wore it matte, but glossy looked cool too, with all the shimmer and sparkle. I’ve said this before, I just love the juxtaposition of a sparkly, pretty or soft base with gruesome or spooky images.

So there you have it. The next prompt for this challenge is vampires, my favourite! I might try to work another post in before that, just to lighten my huge backlog of manis. Until the next post, whenever that may be, stay spooky and sleep well!

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