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Double, Double, Toil And Trouble

Hello! Witches for the #clairestelle8challenge today, and this mani took more time to do than I had anticipated.

The base is three thin coats of the beautiful Tonic Polish Dragon Tears from the Holiday 2016 collection (and currently selling in store, so if you want to pause and run over, GO!). It is a super-shifty multichrome that goes through the entire spectrum of the rainbow – green, blue, purple, pink, peach and gold – and is loaded with holographic particles. I have a swatch post planned for this polish and will add in a link to that when it’s up.

I used a bunch of products for stamping. For the text on the index and middle fingers, I used a plate from Bundle Monster/Maniology House of Horrors collection, plate BM-S243, and Born Pretty silver stamping polish. The cauldron is from the same plate, and was made into decal after I had stamped with a Born Pretty green stamping polish and then filled in with black. For the witch images, I used Moyra black stamping polish and Major Dijit-12, a plate I bought off AliExpress a couple of years ago. I made a decal for the image on the ring finger, filling in with a plethora of stamping polishes by Born Pretty. The yellow circle (i.e. the moon) on the ring finger is from Creative Shop plate-150 and was stamped twice with Konad yellow stamping polish for opacity. Once the stamping was dry (I gave it 2 minutes), I placed the decal over it and trimmed off the excess.

[Sometimes I wonder if it even makes sense to list out the products used in such detail… If you have a minute, let me know your thoughts on this and be brutally honest! I would love to know if that’s just boring/irrelevant.]

The Major Dijit plate isn’t the most detailed or well-etched and I had to stamp several images many times over and try different stampers. In fact, you probably can’t even tell that’s a cat and a tree on my pinky finger, but I had lost patience by my fifth attempt.

And there you have it. I quite like this colourful mani, especially over the shifty base. Let me know how you like this mani and whether you’re participating in this or any other Halloween challenge. Until the next post, be well!

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