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Fall Is Here

Hello, folks! A very good morning to you! I have finally participated in #fluidfridayfriends after weeks of abstinence. We had a very fall-inspired colour palette this week:

I will confess that while I love these colours in nature, I’m not big on wearing them. In fact, I almost never voluntarily do so. I decided right off the bat that I would use the fluid mani a accents only, so I made two small decals.

The green really took over and I picked too red a shade for the first inspiration colour. Oh well…

I used Cirque Colors Red Hook (rust) & Urbanized (mustard), Color Club Macaroon Swoon (pale yellow), Born Pretty stamping polish BP-ML01 (leaf green) and Sally Hansen On Pines And Needles (dark green), along with my DIY clear transforming polish.

I placed the fluid decals on my ring and middle fingers only. On the rest, I applied two coats of a Masura magnetic polish, Sniny Koi. Why sNiny and not sHiny? I have no clue! I magnetized the second coat in a S-pattern using my Born Pretty multi magnet stick, although that’s not quite apparent in the photos.

I stamped some leaves changing colour over the magnetic polish using Creative Shop plate-147 and Born Pretty stamping polishes in red,yellow , orange and green.

I liked it better matte (I’m full of surprises, aren’t I?), So that’s how I wore it the full 40 minutes before I took it all off.

It was only after I’d taken the macro shots that I realized that one of the polishes had stained my cuticle area a vibrant shade of yellow-green!

I’m not thrilled with this mani and was very much out of my comfort zone wearing these colours. However, I am happy to be participating this week after a long period away. Fluid arts such an exciting and unpredictable process, it’s always a pleasure to see how decals turn out. Also, sometimes looking at the whole decal gives it one appearance, but placing a small portion on the nail changes the look entirely!

I’ll be back in a couple of days with one of my many manis that are on my backlog. Until then, enjoy the glorious colours and stay warm!

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