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A No-Brainer

Hello! The theme for this month’s #halloweenforever collab on Instagram was zombies and smoosh manicures. I’m reminded time and again how in my element I am in this group, and am left lamenting the fact that I only joined recently!

I did this mani almost immediately upon finding out the theme because it was a no-brainer what I was going to do (Get it? A no-brainer? 😂😆)

I used a bunch of polishes for the smoosh bases. On my thumb, index and pinky fingers, I started with a base of the dead green colour, using Cirque Colors Rockaway and two frankenpolishes in medium grey and mint green. On the middle and ring fingers, I made a brainy-pink smoosh base using Cirque Colors Sunset Park and Spotted In Soho, along with Sally Hansen Petal Pusher and the same medium grey frankenpolish.

Next, I stamped the brain image on the middle & ring fingers from Creative Shop plate-35 using Moyra black stamping polish and Born Pretty stamping polish in red and maroon. I dotted on all three stamping polishes on the image and scraped to get a marbled veined look.

I have no idea whatsoever what I was going for on the index finger. It was fine uptil the point where I stamped the zombies on, but is that brainy-looking puke pouring out of their mouths??? You tell me!

On the other three fingers, I reverse-stamped the zombie and brain images. To colour in the images, I used a marbling technique. I dabbed dots of each colour on my nail art mat, then kind of picked up a little of each colour with my detail brush and proceeded to fill in the images. I think it worked rather well to get a double-smoosh look.

And there you have it! Let me know what you think of this one. I’ll admit I’m rather thrilled with it! Until the post, here’s a joke for you:

Q: When do zombies go to bed?

A: When they’re dead tired!

Oh, also:

Q: Where in your home are you safest from a zombie attack?

A: The living room!


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