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Magnetic Blobs

Hello! My second month participating in the #magneticmagicnail collaboration on Instagram and the theme was to play with magnets. It was an exercise in learning to use our magnets better and highlight the nail art possibilities simply with the use of magnets rather than other tools. Rest assured, many of us in the collab overthought the living daylights out of this one! After many a discussion and several attempts (some successful and others trashed), I ended up with something quite simple but I was rather happy with it.

I started off with a thin coat of plain black polish – Sinful Colors Black On Black. Once that was dry, working one nail at a time, I applied a second thicker coat of the same black polish and immediately used a dotting tool and three magnetic polishes to make the dots on the ring and middle fingers, and drew lines on the remaining fingers. I used Masura Mountain Azurite (dark blue with lighter blue magnetic shimmer), Zeus On A Golden Cloud (olive green with golden magnetic shimmer) and Smoky Purple (dusky purple with red magnetic shimmer).

This is your standard blobbicure technique, made interesting simply by the dimension that magnetic polishes add. Immediately after making the dots/lines, I held the long end of a bar magnet diagonally across the nail, first in one direction for about 30 seconds, then in the opposite for another 30 seconds and finishing with the short end of the magnet held just under the fingertip for about 10 seconds. I’ve seen so many videos that use this technique, but never could figure out why. Turns out, holding the magnets diagonally in opposite directions kind of spreads the magnetic effect along the entire nail, and holding it under the fingertip brings it forward towards the tip. Basically, you get the depth and dimension of the magnetic effect all over the nail surface instead of it just being concentrated along a specific line. I’m very glad I got to figure this out because it will come in handy, in particular when I stamp with a magnetic polish.

I’m in love with how the three colours look together. #sorrynotsorry for the picture overload! This is it from me tonight. I’ll leave you with a short video of the amazing magnetic shimmer of these polishes, in case all those pictures weren’t enough. Magnetic polish is just too much fun, isn’t it?

2 thoughts on “Magnetic Blobs

    1. Thanks, Kristen! I think the magnetic trend is fairly old (circa 2012) but it was done mostly by mainstream brands back then. It’s had a resurgence among Indies in the last couple of years. I only got my first last year but I’m head over heels in love! So. Much. Depth! Never too late to hop on the bandwagon! 😀

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