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Hello! Do you go through phases when you don’t quite feel like talking? When you’re feeling content and happy, but just quiet? It’s been that way for me with the blog. I have so many nail art posts pending, and even more being added each week as I’ve continued to do my nails, but I haven’t felt up to posting. Now, with a short respite from social media, I’m back, albeit dragging my feet ever so slightly.

Being driven almost entirely by the forces of inertia, I present to you today a citrusy, summery look! Even if you’re reading this with a cup of PSL in your hands, think back on warmer days and brighter scents!

The base is two coats of the lovely Mixed Peelings by KBShimmer – a white crelly with yellow, coral and lime green circular glitters of mixed sizes. I did layer it over one coat of a white polish (French Tip by Color Club) so that I wouldn’t have to do too many coats for opacity. KBShimmer glitter crellies are my jam one of my jams.

This was my first time using the ever-so-popular layered stamping technique. That is where the same image comes as separate components or layers that you stamp individually, usually each in a different colour. So in this plate for instance, there were three layers for each image – the yellow/orange fill of the fruit, the green leaves and then an outline image that I stamped in black. The key to layered stamping is in the alignment of layers.

The plate is by Maniology (a.k.a. Bundle Monster) and is called Fruit Deco: Fresh Squeeze, M028. For stamping polish, I used Moyra black and Born Pretty orange, yellow and green.

I have to say I was quite pleased with how this turned out, even though I understand you’d have to take a leap of faith to accept the orange-coloured lemon! Aligning the layers wasn’t quite as difficult as I’d imagined, although it’s far from perfect and will require more practice. As I found out later with other images, this success had less to do with my stamping skills and more to do with the way this particular image was designed.

Baby ACD has been using my phone, specifically the camera end, as her personal chew toy, so excuse the blurry macro shots. Buying a macro lens for my camera is on my to-do list!

To wrap up, this was a good experience I had with layered stamping. I can see the use for it. That said, I do prefer how reverse-stamping looks compared to this. (Reverse-stamping is when you stamp the outline and then colour it in, as opposed to stamping a layer with each colour). I am enjoying my two layered plates from Maniology, but will not be rushing out to buy them all just yet.

Have you ever tried layered stamping? Do you find it easier than reverse-stamping? Are you holding on to the remnants of a summer gone by (it’s not official till the 23rd, so if I can squeeze the bright manis in before then, it’s legit, right?). Let me know in the comments, and hopefully I’ll be back soon with a little less feet-dragging and a lot more autumn!

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