Almost Neon

Hello, folks! Mr ACD had the day off work today, my parents are here and the weather was lovely, all factors that made today a relaxing and memorable day! Oh, and my favourite coffee shop in town was renovated and now is even more charming than it was before.

I had almost forgotten that it’s Friday today and that I had to post this mani. I actually managed to do this ahead of time this week, for a change. The colour palette of the week was gorgeous:

I didn’t have any polish that matches the marigold colour in the middle and decided to do without it.

For this mani, I used Sally Hansen Fuschia Power, Giant Peach and Mellow Yellow, along with my DIY black transforming polish for the cells. Like last week, I first folded the mat over to lightly smoosh the colours together, then swirled it around like a drip marble to thin out the decal and elongate the cells a little. I am really liking this combination of techniques as I get more conspicuous and multicoloured cells. I love how the decals came out:

This week, I made five individual, smaller decals as opposed to the two large ones I ration out among all my fingers on other weeks. I found that placement was much easier with individual decals as there is more to choose from. Here are some close-ups:

And there you have it. I’m not going to lie, I ruined this with stamping (yet again!) so I didn’t even bother to take pictures. I’m finding it very difficult to stamp over fluid art, but I want to so badly! Let me know what you think of this mani and have a great weekend!

8 thoughts on “Almost Neon

  1. If you go there, try the Lobster Tails. They also have branches in Westboro (on Richmond, I believe) and somewhere in Farrhaven 😉 – I accidentally caught a fleeting glimpse as we were driving past so I can’t recall exactly where.


  2. Ooh, quel shop? Do tell. Also, these are outstanding, so beautiful! I think they look like smushed up monarch butterflies, which sounds hideous, and would absolutely not look this pretty. But I think you know what I mean. 😉 The little cells – yes, it is a very cellular-looking technique – look so great in these colours.

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    1. Crushed up monarch butterflies? Why, you have an unique perspective! Haha.

      It’s Simply Biscotti in Little Italy. I’ve used that place as my own personal office for years, but haven’t visit much since we moved to the remote land of Kanata. It was like walking into a whole other shop! Apparently, there’s a new owner who has stirred things up. They even have a charming little vinyl player and a bunch of records you can mess around with.


      1. Well, that all sounds completely charming (hmm, maybe not Kanata – it has its charms, but being close to anything aside from other parts of Kanata is not one of them. Then again, I should talk – I owned a cruddy townhouse in Barrhaven for a while, a place my friend blessed with the new slogan “Barrhaven: Where Fun Goes to Die.” She wasn’t entirely wrong!) Why do I never know about these cute little places? I feel like it’s always just the same old chain places in this city. I must not be looking hard enough. Or going downtown enough – that’s where all the really inventive food seems to live.

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