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Life In Colour

Hello, folks! Today’s manicure is a tribute to my younger self (Narcissistic? Nah!). During my teenage years and for a long, long time afterwards, I was an avid player of The Sims. From the barebones and laughably simplistic first iteration to the rather lifelike platform today, I’ve played them all, sometimes for weeks on end, without engaging in much else.

One of the cute little features of this lifestyle game was the existence of ghosts; in the current The Sims 4, one can even play as a ghost apparently engaging in the usual interactions with other household members and objects, even holding jobs and contributing to the family coffers! (Unfortunately, I had given up playing by the time this option became available.)

But, I digress. Ghosts in this game come in different colours, determined by the mode of death. So when I found out that the theme of this month’s #halloweenforevercollab was neon/glow-in-the-dark ghosts, I had to base it on these colourful ghosts of ACD past.

The base is three thin coats of Nevermind Polish Seraphim Sword, a holographic white (pale grey, rather) jelly base with rainbow flakies. I made the ghost decals with an image from a Born Pretty plate, BP-L057, Moyra black stamping polish and filled in with a bunch of neon shimmer polishes by Tonic Polish; namely, Deep Sea-crets (turquoise with pink-yellow shimmer), Endless Shrimp (coral with aqua shimmer), Glowy Joe (green with red shimmer), I Pink You Blue Me Off (blue with pink-yellow shimmer) and Light Of Lyra (purple with aqua shimmer). I topped it all off with a matte top coat by Tonic.

Look how adorable those ghosts are! I almost didn’t make this – I had waited until the last minute to get these done even though we had a full month, then Baby ACD came down with a virus and I thought I wouldn’t be able to apply the decals I had prepared and had (over-)drying in the basement. But then, Mr ACD came through for me yet again and took baby for a walk when she was in a good mood while I forsaked sleep for a manicure. A little pathetic, yes, but I was so stoked to have squeezed these in on time! Although, it helped quite a bit that the deadline got extended!

And there you have it. Have you ever played The Sims? Do you believe in ghosts? Do ghosts really vary in colour? Are they capable of corruption while being fully transparent? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! And until the next post, stay spooky!

2 thoughts on “Life In Colour

  1. Whoa! Haha, that’s some fun gameplay! I never went close to anything near as eclectic as that family you describe!

    Yes, I’ve killed Sims off sooooo many times. Mostly to collect ghosts, but sometimes when a character became boring or I had no vision for their future…


  2. Okay, the nails are great, but let’s shut up about nail art for a sec.
    Because…YES, THIS IS THE CONVERSATION I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!!! Back when I played the Sims 3, I got way bored, clearly, and decided to create a family with every type of supernatural Sim. By the end I had a fairy, a vampire, a genie, a werewolf, a mermaid, a couple of combinations of the above and a ghost. Also one completely insane fairy mom, because she was a single parent trying to raise seven supernatural children, and if she looked away from them for two seconds, they’d die. So insanity it was.
    That wasn’t so much ghosts, though, as it was supers, but I did once move my Sim into a dorm where the other residents kept dying at a suspiciously speedy pace. There were dirty dishes and sparking electronics and clogged bathrooms everywhere, and at least two students would die per semester. It was awesome until all that ghost activity on one lot basically caused my game to come to a screeching halt of glitch activity. Bummer.
    Did you ever purposefully off your Sims? I have for challenges and things (like the old Sims 2 zombie challenge, if you remember that one) but as a general principle, no. I always feel pretty bad about it when I do feed one of them to a cow plant “accidentally.”

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