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Hello, there! So, remember my last
post where I (naively, no doubt) made plans to get some weeding done and then do Fluid Friday nails, while Baby ACD enjoyed an activity-filled day at daycare? Yeah… Didn’t happen. This is how Thursday played out: Baby tossed and turned, wailed and screamed all night; consequently, I didn’t sleep a wink. Mr. ACD looked after her in the morning when she was happy, dressed her, fed her and dropped her off at daycare. I went to sleep, determined to catch up on long-overdue sleep, weeds be damned. I woke up to the sound of Baby shrieking and thought I must be going mad, surely she wasn’t home! I closed my eyes, but again, a shriek. Baffled, I looked at my phone to see what time it was, and realized I had slept through numerous calls from daycare and the Mister! Poor Baby was apparently sent home in disgrace for being one of three kids who had generously been given a virus by a fellow toddler (hand, foot and mouth disease). So, I spent all day keeping her engaged, expecting much crankiness and pain. I am convinced babies exist to give us a sense of how little is in our control and how little we can ever successfully predict. She spent the day (and the two after it) in a far better mood than we’ve had the pleasure of being subject to in months; my pre-toddler happy baby was magically returned to us!

So, instead of sharing a fluid mani, here’s another somewhat recent one I’ve done. The base is the magical Phoenix Fire from the Myths and Magic collection by Nevermind Polish. This brand is new to me, but I’ve been gawking at this collection for months and finally had to indulge as a dissertation-submission present to myself. It is not entirely coincidental that the maker is based in Chicago, where I went to school!

I love this kind of barely-there, grey base with shimmer. The gorgeous red-orange-yellow shifting shimmer is very vibrant, and the red-orange-gold flakies are perfectly complimentary. The formula was buttery and smooth, albeit a bit sheer (I used three coats, and still have a little visible nail line showing if you look very closely).

I had to stamp an abstract black design over this polish, inspired by the bottle itself.

I used the usual Moyra black stamping polish and Creative Shop plate-22. I cannot wait to use the other polishes from this collection!

Baby doesn’t seem to be in a lot of pain and is keeping us well-entertained and busy. We’re just chilling this weekend, with my parents who are visiting for a couple of weeks. How are you spending your weekend? Have you tried any polish from this brand? Let me know in the comments and enjoy your weekend! Until the next post, toodles!

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