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Orange You Fern-y?

Hello, folks! I’m back with another old manicure, one of my favourites of this season!

Glossy or matte? Most definitely matte for me! I realize matte top coat usually dulls the shimmer, but I just love the finish regardless.

The base is two coats of Emily de Molly One And The Same, a gorgeous orange polish with vibrant green-gold shifting shimmer and a generous helping of blue chrome flakies of all sizes. This is a very unique polish in my collection. I own a few polishes by this brand, and find that her shimmers are outstanding!

Over the base, I stamped an image from Creative Shop plate-118 and Moyra stamping polish in grey (SP-23). For the glossy version, I finished with Tonic Topper, and then applied Glisten & Glow matte top coat over that for the matte version.

And there you have it! I am almost caught up with my older unposted manis; I believe I have three more to go. I also haven’t been doing my nails very much recently, so I’m not adding to the backlog. In fact, most weeks, I scramble to get my Fluid Friday mani done on time!

In other news, there has been an explosion of crabgrass between the interlocking in our backyard. It has reached the very edge and will soon begin to invade the lawn if we don’t hurry up and remove it soon. So, my big plan for tomorrow is to spend the day weeding. Bet you envy me! I am almost looking forward to it, in all honesty: I have a couple of fun podcasts I’ve been looking forward to, especially one about the Zodiac Killer, and I need some physical activity that isn’t cleaning or walking. So, wish me luck and I’ll be back on Friday with this week’s fluid mani, that is, if my nails survive the weeding tomorrow!

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