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Sweat, a.k.a. Summer Fluid

Hello! I’m back again with yet another fluid art manicure. The suggested colour scheme this week was a beautiful summery one:Yet again, I forgot to take any pictures of the decals – usually my favourite part of the fluid art photography process.I feel kind of meh about how this turned out. I like the colour palette, I like that the decals turned out bright and I don’t mind the cells I got. I’m not sure what it is that is not clicking with me a 100%…For this mani, I used Sally Hansen Giant Peach (coral), Rapid Red (duh!) and On Pines And Needles (bottle green), Wet n Wild I Need A Refresh-mint (aqua) and Sinful Colors Innocent (avocado green), along with my DIY clear transforming polish for the cells. I really wanted a textured polish on one finger, so that’s Zoya Pixie Dust Bay on my pinky finger.I’m still using the mat fold over technique, but I’m not loving the way the cells form. I’ll experiment with it for a couple more weeks and try something else if I continue to be dissatisfied.I did manage to stamp over these nails, and I love how it turned out! I used Born Pretty plate L057 and Moyra black stamping polish, which I’m running dangerously low on. I had been planning on wearing this mani over the weekend, but my thumb nail popped off as I was doing some dishes (ah, the joys of using peel-off base coat!).And that’s that for the nail art this week. We have a packed weekend coming up. We’re going faucet-shopping (I know it doesn’t sound like the most exciting weekend plan, but it’s our first time doing it and we’re excited!), then off to a garlic festival/farmers’ market, a rib-fest and a food truck rally. I’m hoping we’ll manage to do at least three by the end of the weekend. What are your weekend plans? Let me know in the comments. Until the next post, stay cool and enjoy!

13 thoughts on “Sweat, a.k.a. Summer Fluid

  1. Wow, those sound like some incredibly yummy weekend plans – had thought about going out to the garlic fest, but then got weekend lazy. 😉 Hope you’re having a great time, the weather has been gorgeous. It’s too bad this fluid design isn’t clicking with you; I love it. The colours are fantastic, but I’m just drawn to rainbows like a spectrum-seeking magpie.

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      1. Good thing we can’t remember most of our very earliest days – I wouldn’t want to be super aware of, say, the pain I felt while teething. Growing pains were a dink, too, but I remember those pretty well. Poor baby, hope she’s feeling less gnaw-y soon.
        Hey, I’ve been meaning to ask, since you mentioned that you eat halal meat, are you the reason my husband and I have a date to go to BFF (Burgers n Fries Forever, I think is its actual name) tomorrow? That came out a bit accusatorily (not a word) but I swear I’m quite delighted by this new restaurant discovery.
        They’re halal, and their posts have been showing up in my IG feed, prompting some insane hunger in both of us, and the aforementioned date. Have you been? Any recommendations?

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        1. Oooh, we love our BFF! I’ve been there multiple times and have yet to try a burger I didn’t like. Particularly interesting are the combo specials – I once had peanut butter on my poutine, no joke! What did you end up having? Did you like it?


        2. Yes, I loved it! We went to the one on Dalhousie yesterday for lunch and it was so yummy. I wasn’t burger hungry, and I really love fries, so we shared a Beyond BFF burger which my husband mostly ate (it was really good, though) and I had the Cheezus the Notorious fries. Most of which I actually ended up boxing up and bringing home for lunch and dinner today, because the portion size was gigantic and they were SO RICH. I loved it; thank you for unknowingly steering me in that direction! By the way, PB on a burger is apparently all right, at least according to my husband, who always gets a PB, cream cheese and fried egg veggie burger – SERIOUSLY – at The Works when we go there.

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        3. Oh yay, glad you liked it! Yeah, I’ve only once had one of their poutines and it’s just too much. I’m not that big on fries though. I know The Works does a PB burger, but haven’t had the guts to try it yet. Maybe one day.


        4. Fried potato products might be my favourite thing on earth. It literally does not compute when people say they don’t like them! But I think I may have known going into this that these fries were going to be too much and I’d be bringing home leftovers. Which were two more delicious dinners. 🙂

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        5. Haha, I was thinking the exact same thing about people picking glossy polish over matte earlier today; I literally was like “but did you SEE the matte one?”!!! So, you’ll be going back there? We haven’t been there since last spring!


        6. No doubt baby cuts into burger time. 🙂 Well, if we ever do decide to meet up, we should go there. I’ll be the one with the four and a half foot tall stack of fries in front of me!

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