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Hello, folks! I was at the park with Baby ACD earlier today, and I witnessed a mildly disturbing scene. A dad was with his two kids, a boy about 6 years or so and a girl who couldn’t be older than 3. He was smiling, texting, keeping an eye on his kids while they rode their bikes and played in the sand, all the right things to do. I was by the swings (Baby is obsessed with the swing recently and I spend hours there!) and had a clear line of sight to the trio. So the dad was sitting on a bench and doing something on his phone. At one point, the little girl took off her sandals and he got up, went over to her, literally lifted her off the ground by one arm, threw her on the bench, and made her put her sandals back on. The girl didn’t even flinch, she did as she was told and went back to playing; she was right back by his side within a few minutes with a smile. Now, I understand that parents can lose their tempers; these little ones sure have an instinct for knowing which buttons to push. What really caught me off guard was that he didn’t give her a warning or anything, and what she did wasn’t really that offensive to begin with! I was a little stunned, but obviously felt uncomfortable saying anything. He seemed fine with them afterwards and I got to thinking it was nothing or maybe that I had missed something. Fast forward 45 minutes, I finally managed to get Baby off the swing and was on my way home when I came upon this family further up the park. I turned a bend to find the dad reenacting that same scene, this time with the boy who was thrown on the ground. I’ve been feeling quite disturbed about this whole incident. I think what bothers me most is the children’s reaction to it – they didn’t seem to give it a second though, which makes me think this is a regular phenomenon in their lives. It made me cringe and I’ve been thinking ever since – is it ever appropriate to intervene in situations like this? What is an appropriate response?

Moving on to happier thoughts, today I’m sharing a manicure I did fairly recently (given my current trend of posting manis that are months old).

The base is two coats of a gorgeous magnetic polish, Golden Bridge by Masura. It is a smoky dusky turquoise colour with a golden magnetic shimmer. The top picture is more true to colour, but I had to include a sunshine shot to show off the glow. I used a ring magnet to create an arc of magnetic shimmer.

I am absolutely in love with this polish! I stamped the snakeskin pattern on the nails using Moyra black stamping polish and Creative Shop plate-118, one of my giveaway prizes from when they had the contest. I used the same plate to reverse-stamp the image of a snake, which I believe is a cobra. I can’t say I love the colours I picked for the snake – Born Pretty stamping polishes BP-WT05 (Crimson Cheeks) and BP-WR05 (Pretty In Pink). Thankfully, if you forget for a second that it is a snake you’re looking at, the colours seem to work with this mani.

I know the last shot is unfocused and blurry, but will you please just look at that glow?!?!!

I have acquired a few Masura polishes by now, and I find them a little hit or miss. I have some that have gorgeous formula and will respond to the weakest magnets I own. Others are thick and gloopy, and seem to be unaffected by my strongest neodymium magnet. I cannot decide if I love the brand or hate it, but I continue to give them the benefit of the doubt, although consistency is definitely not their forte.

Let me know what you think of this mani. I will be back on Friday with this week’s fluid art. Toodles!

5 thoughts on “Hypnotic

  1. Oh, ugh, that is unpleasant. Being kid-less over here (or kid-free, depending on how you’d like to look at it) I’m ill equipped to judge what is appropriate parent/child behaviour these days. I can only go by how my parents and my family treated me. But man, the SHIT I have seen – mostly at Disney World in Florida – go on between families is awful. Just the casual, almost expected violence. Like you said, makes you wonder, does this go on all the time, is this normal behaviour for them? I don’t think it’s how I’d do things, but then again, I don’t have a horse in this race.
    But when we were down in Florida one time – actually on Christmas Day at the Magic Kingdom – we were having lunch at this cafeteria-style restaurant, with our table right up against the lineup area. It was only about 11 am, but holiday tensions were already running super high in the park and the place was packed. A lot of really bad behaviour on display, and everybody seemed extra snappish. Suddenly, in the lineup beside us, this eight or nine-year-old kid wheels around and SLUGS his father/uncle/whatever in the stomach/chest area, not the least bit jokingly or gently. Dad-whatever responds by literally picking the kid up and throwing him to the ground.
    You know, not being total effing monsters – the kid thing didn’t happen for us; doesn’t mean I want to see them harmed – and maybe also being Canadian, this COULD NOT have been more shocking to us. Pretty much killed our appetites right there – witnessing child abuse is kind of a downer. But it seemed like biz as usual for that family. They were back to their routines within seconds, like nothing had happened. Meanwhile, we carried around that bit of unpleasantness all day long, like a nasty little cloud over our Christmas Day. I did tell a cast member at the restaurant and pointed them out, but I’ve no idea what came of it. We literally tattled and then fled.
    So I have no answers. But no, I’ve been there. None of us know what to say or what to do. I do like these nails, though – so super Slytherin.

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    1. Wow, just reading this is depressing me. I understand kids push our limits, but really, no level of abuse should be normalized. I’ve been reading so much about toddler tantrums bc that is the current challenge du jour, and it seems toddlers’ brains are just not equipped to deal with emotions, hence the outbursts. If they’re throwing a tantrum, it’s possible that it’s much worse inside their own heads and they just cannot cope. It breaks my heart to think of a child being abused when they’re overwhelmed and frustrated to begin with. And the things I see adults do all around me! We have it backwards, I tell you…


  2. First off, this mani is stunning! Your combination of colours with the images is perfect! I’ve never tried Masura but I’m not really into magnetic polishes (not sure if they have non-magnetic), simply because I can’t be bothered with all the work that goes into it lol.
    Second, regarding the park scene, that’s a tough one isn’t it? I saw something once in a Walmart where someone spoke to an angry mother who then lashed out at them in retaliation. This made her even more angry towards her children. As a foster parent, I hear about all sorts of things. Even now dealing with biological parents during supervised access is a bit tense. I always feel like I have to be so careful with what and how I say things.
    And on that note, thanks for sharing your beautiful mani!

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    1. Thanks for your comment, Laura! It really is a tough one. It’s such a touchy topic, but it leaves one with a heavy heart.

      I have fallen in love with magnetic polishes in the last year or so; the depth in those is comparable to none. Masura does make non-magnetic polishes, FYI. 😊


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