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Join The 31-Day Nail Art Challenge Weekly!

Hiya, all! Amy McG of Polish Etc. is co-hosting the weekly version of the 31-day nail art challenge again this year, for the second year in a row. It follows the same prompts as the 31-day challenge that takes place in the month of September each year, but is spaced out over 31 weeks instead,… Continue reading Join The 31-Day Nail Art Challenge Weekly!

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NOTW: Grassy Swirls

I couldn’t decide whether to name this manicure “grassy swirls” or “swirly grass”. Either way, that’s the visual I had in mind when I did this mani — wind blowing through a field of grass. I had started out hoping that the blue stamping polish would be more vibrant over and cover up more of the… Continue reading NOTW: Grassy Swirls