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31DC2016Weekly 15: Delicate Print

I love lace, so much so that I recently purchased a set of 10 lacy stamping plates. So when I saw today’s prompt, delicate print, I had to do a sheer lace manicure! As you can see, I kind of tried to obliterate the pattern on my ring finger, but I think it turned out… Continue reading 31DC2016Weekly 15: Delicate Print

Body Care

DIY Lotion Bars

You were beginning to think I only ever do my nails, weren’t you? I do other things too! 😀 It’s been a busy month — I was fasting for Ramadan, which made my brain a little fuzzy; I was trying desperately to get some dissertation work done while fuzzy-brained, but finally gave up towards the… Continue reading DIY Lotion Bars